현아잉 (HyunA-ing) E28: 커플화보를 찍었습니다. ^.^ (Doing a couple photo shoot ^.^)

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현아잉 (HyunA-ing) E28: 커플화보를 찍었습니다. ^.^ (Doing a couple photo shoot ^.^)

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We will take a break next week due to social distancing.
HyunA-ing, we will see you on Sun, Apr 19🌼💜

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Hyuna's Dawn Dawn Dawn
Hyuna's Dawn Dawn Dawn 19 gün önce
Best couple uwu
aridj army
aridj army Aylar önce
Soooo cuuuuute
J-walk Aing
J-walk Aing Aylar önce
It’s been over a year since the episode.......
Namjoon & Teahyung
Namjoon & Teahyung Aylar önce
It's so cute😭💘💘💘
정복자 2 aylar önce
Yun Hee Moon
Yun Hee Moon 2 aylar önce
She had a crush on him for a year and 6 months, it started during when he was only a trainee, and she was famous. BEFORE he was even famous. ( I did this because someone commented the same context but people were confused).
Rishel Carido
Rishel Carido 3 aylar önce
More blessings to come
mia b
mia b 3 aylar önce
1:47 OMG THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER pls let more idols date this is so cute, I love them and I hope they're always happy
Ishika Sinsinwar
Ishika Sinsinwar 3 aylar önce
Can anyone tell me which song's tune plays in the intro
Beatriz A. Castillon
Beatriz A. Castillon 3 aylar önce
im on a dawn and hyuna marathon❤️ and I feel so single af
Melek Karaman
Melek Karaman 3 aylar önce
Allahım yicem sizi ya çok tatlısınız❤❤❤
ValiSemyazza 4 aylar önce
HyunA너는 Dawn과 함께 크루즈에서 MV를 찍어야 해 [Wonder of the Seas]에서 그 크루즈는 아시아 시장에서만 독점 될 것입니다 유람선에 녹음 된 MV가 없습니다. 독특하고 낭만적 일 것입니다.
Korearts Dream
Korearts Dream 4 aylar önce
I'm gonna cry I love so much this couple 😍😢😭
NamR 4 aylar önce
Nation’s couple 💜💜💜💜
miep miep
miep miep 4 aylar önce
Hyudawn invented existing
akanksha k🎤
akanksha k🎤 4 aylar önce
Who's here after releasing of mv I'm not cool? It reminds me of I love morning dawn dawn dawn
미츠미 4 aylar önce
진짜 최애유니크돌 꽃길만걸었으면!!
_attine_ 21
_attine_ 21 4 aylar önce
Hyuna is so kilig hahahaha
Shirley Quispe
Shirley Quispe 5 aylar önce
홍지연 5 aylar önce
요즘은 이커플 보는재미로 산다♡♡♡
zahra aulia
zahra aulia 6 aylar önce
i should be studying but here i am watching hyuna and edawn being the cutest couple ever. *and god when ????????*
미진 MIJIN 6 aylar önce
우와 너무 좋아요!! 보면서 저도 웃음이😆
kookiesystem 7 aylar önce
They look so cute together 😍
valdaya 7 aylar önce
ay son tan lindos jsafksG
Jua Jin 진주아
Jua Jin 진주아 7 aylar önce
둘이 너무 예뻐 ㅜㅜㅜ
🌻 Maridel Flores 🌻
🌻 Maridel Flores 🌻 7 aylar önce
COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤
K-pop; m
K-pop; m 7 aylar önce
They look like real life version of harley queen and joker i love them✨✨💜💜💜💜💜💓💓
Tanya Fun and Play
Tanya Fun and Play 7 aylar önce
They are so cute together 😚
Rocío Torres Astigueta
Rocío Torres Astigueta 8 aylar önce
in which camera is this filmed??
Raychelle_the_ bomb
Raychelle_the_ bomb 8 aylar önce
Just looking at Dawn 1:45 you can see the true love in his eyes. I’m happy they can finally be together and open without someone pushing the idea that they have to follow certain rules. Idols should be allowed to date!
Lanna Erschov
Lanna Erschov 8 aylar önce
태어난 아이들BTOB음악을하기위해
태어난 아이들BTOB음악을하기위해 8 aylar önce
둘이 너무 기여웤
하늘보라 8 aylar önce
현아언니는 왜 같은 티만 입어요?????????? 큐티. 뷰티. 프리티❤💛💚💙💜💗
Maheeka B.
Maheeka B. 8 aylar önce
hyunA: please like the video dawn: UnsUbscRiBe!! 😂😂
Maheeka B.
Maheeka B. 8 aylar önce
Pahi 8 aylar önce
Love from India ♥️ You and Dawn are my favourite ♥️
Allyza Tricia P Guelas
Allyza Tricia P Guelas 8 aylar önce
허단비 8 aylar önce
아 너무 사랑스런 커플이당 ❤️🥰
Macarena Maria Gallique Balladares
Macarena Maria Gallique Balladares 8 aylar önce
Letícia Siébra
Letícia Siébra 8 aylar önce
I'm so happy to see they are happy together🥺
SღNE 8 aylar önce
someone knows which program they use to edit videos like this 0:23
Denia Loey
Denia Loey 8 aylar önce
모아미 9 aylar önce
진짜 이쁘다ᆞ난 현아랑 던이 커플처럼 젊은이들이 당당하게 서로 숨기지말고 연애했음 좋겠음ᆞ젊을때 연애하는게 세상에서 젤 부럽고 이쁨ᆞ^^
S 9 aylar önce
I love you two soooo much😭so cuteee
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 9 aylar önce
cutest couple everrr I’m so happy for HyunA
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 9 aylar önce
I love you HyunA !! Stay happy and healthy !! 💖
최소영 9 aylar önce
현아가 똑똑하네 저렇게 착하구 멋진 줄 알구 연습생인 던이씨 좋아했던것 보니 ㅡ 현아 던이 보면 나두 심쿵~^^♡ ,예쁜사랑 지켜요 꼭^^
Flattykawa hEh
Flattykawa hEh 9 aylar önce
Wait- did you guys notice HyunA say- “stop moving your Adam’s apple” 👁👄👁
Xanne Vasquez
Xanne Vasquez 10 aylar önce
DAWN is so underrated as an artist!! HOPEFULLY he can get his BIG BRAKE AS AN ARTIST. Also, I love how he treats HYUNA so well.
Ana karina manzaneda mamani
Ana karina manzaneda mamani 10 aylar önce
Pinche pan Caro
Pinche pan Caro 10 aylar önce
Aww los dos son tan lindos, muero de ternura.I Love you Hyuna❤ I wish you hapiness.
Angeline Martinez
Angeline Martinez 10 aylar önce
They are too adorable
Phuong Vo
Phuong Vo 10 aylar önce
Phuong Vo
Phuong Vo 10 aylar önce
Huyna cute. Trẻ đẹp mạnh khỏe nhé
Jeena Limbu
Jeena Limbu 10 aylar önce
Where to find a boyfriend like him?😅😅
anna hyung
anna hyung 11 aylar önce
지구에서 가장 좋은 커플 현아와 e'dawn 사랑해❤️❤️
Luisa M
Luisa M 11 aylar önce
I hope they get married
Luisa M
Luisa M 11 aylar önce
They’re so amazing ❤️🥰
Crystal Quart
Crystal Quart 11 aylar önce
My heart is fluttering
Holo 11 aylar önce
Quiero una relación así 🥺❤️❤️😂
Holo 11 aylar önce
Los amamos!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Aidansito uwu
Aidansito uwu Yıl önce
Por que sois hermosos :'3
Yodai Talk
Yodai Talk Yıl önce
U guys are so cute
Anika Nawar
Anika Nawar Yıl önce
And now we know that idols dating are not a big deal
Iako Iako
Iako Iako Yıl önce
Sweet couple ♡♡♡♡
Jayziol Mae Lagat
Jayziol Mae Lagat Yıl önce
Wavesss Taetzu
Wavesss Taetzu Yıl önce
Sweet couple!😭😘😭❣️🥺
Ela Quintos
Ela Quintos Yıl önce
You guys hating your faves being in a relationship means missing your chance to see your idols this happy. I am living my quarantine life with these two.
Turnïïps Yıl önce
I was just squealing like an idiot throughout the video
Mr Introvert
Mr Introvert Yıl önce
I won't unsubscribe Hyuna what matter it is..Hyuna you are my idol, I don't want any option
#jùñgkôôk'ś Gîřł
#jùñgkôôk'ś Gîřł Yıl önce
cutest couple..i have ever seen💕💕💕😍😍😍
Hélia Na
Hélia Na Yıl önce
So cute❤️❤️❤️
IconicZemal_llama Yıl önce
Awwwwwwwwww! The cutest couple~~♡♡♡
ben descartes
ben descartes Yıl önce
Drunk or drugs
lolo mhb
lolo mhb 9 aylar önce
B-66 Lalremdiki
B-66 Lalremdiki Yıl önce
Support fr beginning to the end😘
Norita Mohd noor
Norita Mohd noor Yıl önce
So cuteeeee
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant Yıl önce
Dawn and hyuna look so chic, but their vlogs are super fluffy
Xxxsorrow Yıl önce
You two are adorable, I wish you the best!
Lia Yıl önce
They are so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lady Moon
Lady Moon Yıl önce
They are sooo cute 😍😍😳
xiu xiu
xiu xiu Yıl önce
I want them to get married. 😄 Please get married already! 😆♥
Jayanne Chagas Santana
Jayanne Chagas Santana Yıl önce
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! SOOO MUCH!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
miyeon ruby jane
miyeon ruby jane Yıl önce
*i wish that dawn would marry hyunA so i can die peacefully😍😩*
Keysa Azzahra
Keysa Azzahra Yıl önce
I don't know why ,i feel that hyuna n hyojong look alike
ollie katz
ollie katz Yıl önce
“morning” could be dawns fandom name!
Zeynep Mercan
Zeynep Mercan Yıl önce
I'm so soft now I love you guys..
Crytra Yıl önce
Dawn resembles Park Yoochun, Junhyung, Hyun-Seung all in one.
DaLu Yıl önce
the freckles couple, this is so cute
DaLu Yıl önce
Let's normalize idols and their partners!!!!
포메핑퐁 Yıl önce
그냥 그대로좋아ㅠㅠ애기둘 사랑둘.♥♥
Jadey Yıl önce
They're very cute I guess other couples is jealous to how open they are.
푸른옷소매 Yıl önce
현아 예쁜건 체인지때부터 알았지만 이렇게 분위기 쩌는 이던이란 친구는 몰랐다 이던같은 친구를 그동안 왜 못알아봤지? 현이랑 던이랑 대박 한번 터트리자 던이는 그냥 두기에는 너무 근사하다
애덤스미스 코는 뗀석기
애덤스미스 코는 뗀석기 Yıl önce
이던은 뭔가 막 웃기지는 않은데, 살짝 뻘 하게(?) 웃김....진짜 웃을 포인트가 아닌데 웃게 됨....
thedogshow2010 Yıl önce
Does anyone know the date of when she posted these photos on 4:12 on her instagram? I can’t find it 😭
Sarai Torres
Sarai Torres Yıl önce
You two are so sweet!! Love you guys! Be safe! Be happy!!! 😻😚💖💖💖
emem Yıl önce
I am so sad for other idols in korea. Imagine how happy hyuna is now. They are all in love and in need of freedom. I don't know when the fuck will it dawn on them that their idols are normal human beings, turning them into slaves of industry is THEIR fault, and now I'm talking about netizens, frowning upon idols dating. I am blown away how sad that way of living is. Imagine some idol like Taeyeon for example, who is by nature a bit to herself, fighting depression, losing 3 close friends, losing her dad, disbanding, losing her best friend (tiffany moving back to America), being 30, and still being a slave and still making you happy, not herself Shame on all of you who think being in a relationship and being free and loving freely is wrong. All of idols suicides are on your hands. On that note.. They are super cute and I can't wait for their marriage and a family.
Soki Nora
Soki Nora Yıl önce
02:09 stop moving your Adam's apple 😂
LaBlusera10 Yıl önce
I wish I could see you together and happy in 20 more years .. I hope
MARLED F R Yıl önce
Muero de amor♡♡♡
fedoua lakouer
fedoua lakouer Yıl önce
I love the fact that psy is there for them i think he is a saviour like jessi said, He is awesome Hyuna edwin my relationship goals ❤
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